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As the Mother group of EnEcomponents.com, Pioneer-tech Company Limited has a history of over 20 years. Established in 1989 in Hong Kong, Pioneer-tech has grown from strength to strength in electronic and electrical component production and merchandising in the Greater China region. Within our field of expertise, we endeavor to provide the very best in high quality electronic and electrical parts, custom item tooling-up and total merchandising solutions to all our customers. Each and everyone within our management and sales professionals have solid experience with our products. With the business rapidly expanding, we are continuously building a strong portfolio of clients from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and rest of the world. A number of our clients are public listed companies, and a high percentage of our parts have been widely used in world famous electronic and electrical branded products.

From seeing our client’s total satisfaction on our products and services, we believe our endeavor has not been wasted. In fact it is highly recognized by the clients, this gives us energy to do even better. Quality products, quick response, fast logistic, simplified transaction and efficient after-sales service are our principle rules to be success. In the past, we were cable to provide clients a comprehensive range of products and merchandising services. Today, besides keeping our traditional individual services in highly standard, EnEcomponents.com was set up as a powerful e-Catalog for passive component and specifications searching. All these services are aiming to satisfy all our clients with the convenience, confidence and trustfulness.

Besides the services to clients, we also assist the outstanding Chinese components manufacturing factory partners to categorize and market their products to overseas markets. By making use of our huge customer network and database, we can give their components or/and products a largest exposure and collect market response in a shortest time.

Solid Experience in Greater China
Being the pioneer of manufacturing and distribution of electronic and electrical components for over 30 years in Hong Kong, we have solid experience of marketing in regions of Hong Kong, PRC China and Taiwan. Our sales network and in-depth knowledge of market operation make us to be your ideal partner of penetrating into Greater China.

 Proven Ability of Components Sales
We have built up an impressive database of over 12,000 company profiles and we have served over 4,000 clients of various sizes with actual transactions (as of 2004), including public listed companies and globally well-known brand names.

 Manufacturing Capability
Subsidiary to the Group Company, we own our molding plant and injection plant. These self-owned factories not only ensure the quality control and production efficiency, but also the ability to meet the customized requirements from clients. Quotation on tooling-up item can be offered in 24 hours and tooling can be finished in up to seven days.

 An Ever-growing Commitment on Service Quality
From the very beginning of our business, we well know how important are the quick response, quality products, simplified transaction and efficient after-sales service. Today the investment on the on-line e-catalog is a further step in our pursuit of a highly efficiency service platform to our growing clients.‘Clients First, Components focused’is our Corporate Value, and it is because of this motto our company be able to moving ahead continuously.
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