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Surge Protector & Arrestor Varistor P Series (for super high energy) Varistor P Series ø14.0mm

Application:Surge protection in consumer electronics
Material:Mainly zinc oxide
Packaging:500 pcs / bags. Tape & Roll or Tape & Box packing are available.


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Product Code Max. Voltage Voltage @ 1mA Max. Current Max. Energy Capacitance @ 1KHz Max. T
CNR-14P180K 11V ACrms / 14V DC 16V Min. / 18V (Vn or Vdc) / 20V Max. 3000A 11J 18500pF 4.0
CNR-14P220K 14V ACrms / 18V DC 20V Min. / 22V (Vn or Vdc) / 24V Max. 3000A 14J 16400pF 4.3
CNR-14P270K 17V ACrms / 22V DC 24V Min. / 27V (Vn or Vdc) / 30V Max. 3000A 18J 13000pF 4.5
CNR-14P330K 20V ACrms / 26V DC 30V Min. / 33V (Vn or Vdc) / 36V Max. 3000A 23J 9500pF 4.0
CNR-14P390K 25V ACrms / 31V DC 35V Min. / 39V (Vn or Vdc) / 43V Max. 3000A 26J 8800pF 4.2
CNR-14P470K 30V ACrms / 38V DC 42V Min. / 47V (Vn or Vdc) / 52V Max. 3000A 33J 7700pF 4.4
CNR-14P560K 35V ACrms / 45V DC 50V Min. / 56V (Vn or Vdc) / 62V Max. 3000A 41J 6400pF 4.7
CNR-14P680K 40V ACrms / 56V DC 61V Min. / 68V (Vn or Vdc) / 75V Max. 3000A 46J 5600pF 5.0
CNR-14P201K 130V ACrms / 170V DC 180V Min. / 200V (Vn or Vdc) / 220V Max. 8000A 96J 770pF 4.6
CNR-14P221K 140V ACrms / 180V DC 198V Min. / 220V (Vn or Vdc) / 242V Max. 8000A 104J 740pF 4.7
CNR-14P241K 150V ACrms / 200V DC 216V Min. / 240V (Vn or Vdc) / 264V Max. 8000A 112J 700pF 4.8
CNR-14P271K 175V ACrms / 225V DC 243V Min. / 270V (Vn or Vdc) / 297V Max. 8000A 120J 640pF 4.9
CNR-14P301K 195V ACrms / 250V DC 270V Min. / 300V (Vn or Vdc) / 330V Max. 8000A 136J 600pF 5.0
CNR-14P331K 215V ACrms / 275V DC 297V Min. / 330V (Vn or Vdc) / 363V Max. 8000A 152J 580pF 5.2
CNR-14P361K 230V ACrms / 300V DC 324V Min. / 360V (Vn or Vdc) / 396V Max. 8000A 164J 540pF 5.5
CNR-14P391K 250V ACrms / 320V DC 351V Min. / 390V (Vn or Vdc) / 429V Max. 8000A 176J 500pF 5.6
CNR-14P431K 275V ACrms / 350V DC 387V Min. / 430V (Vn or Vdc) / 473V Max. 8000A 200J 450pF 5.8
CNR-14P471K 300V ACrms / 385V DC 423V Min. / 470V (Vn or Vdc) / 517V Max. 8000A 220J 400pF 6.0
CNR-14P511K 320V ACrms / 410V DC 459V Min. / 510V (Vn or Vdc) / 561V Max. 8000A 240J 350pF 6.2
CNR-14P561K 350V ACrms / 460V DC 504V Min. / 560V (Vn or Vdc) / 616V Max. 8000A 240J 350pF 6.4
CNR-14P621K 395V ACrms / 510V DC 558V Min. / 620V (Vn or Vdc) / 682V Max. 8000A 250J 330pF 6.6
CNR-14P681K 420V ACrms / 560V DC 612V Min. / 680V (Vn or Vdc) / 748V Max. 8000A 260J 320pF 6.7
CNR-14P751K 465V ACrms / 615V DC 675V Min. / 750V (Vn or Vdc) / 825V Max. 8000A 270J 300pF 6.9
CNR-14P781K 485V ACrms / 640V DC 702V Min. / 780V (Vn or Vdc) / 858V Max. 8000A 275J 300pF 7.3
CNR-14P821K 510V ACrms / 670V DC 738V Min. / 820V (Vn or Vdc) / 902V Max. 8000A 280J 270pF 7.5
CNR-14P911K 550V ACrms / 745V DC 819V Min. / 910V (Vn or Vdc) / 1001V Max. 8000A 295J 260pF 7.6
CNR-14P102K 625V ACrms / 825V DC 900V Min. / 1000V (Vn or Vdc) / 1100V Max. 8000A 335J 250pF 8.1
CNR-14P112K 680V ACrms / 895V DC 990V Min. / 1100V (Vn or Vdc) / 1210V Max. 8000A 360J 240pF 9.0

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